Sunday 8 February 2009

MyCharityPie> A case study

One of the selling points of My Charity Pies is to make it a lot easier to find the charities that you might really like, but just could never find.

Besides giving money to Animals and Religious charities (which are good causes of course) There are thousands of other charities out there, that might be much more specific in doing good in a tiny area you can directly affiliate yourself with.

One wonderful charity that we discovered today is Friends of Friendless Churches, the charity now owns 39 Grade II or Grade I listed churches, including three private chapels and one Non-Conformist chapel, that would otherwise have been demolished, destroyed or inappropriately converted. Not saving any puppy-dogs here, but becoming friends with friendless churches friends could be the good thing you do this month.

MyCharityPie is getting awesome!

A tiny update on our project:

Product team is done and happily moved on to drinking, and became the business team.

Dev is devving on hardcore, the server and the website should be up and running pretty soon.

Design made great progress, cracked out some sexy wire-frames and moved on to make a proper design and do some css-mastering at the same time.

Marketing is on is way and just found out that running Google adsense might actual be a sustainable business for charity sites.

MyCharityPie Logo

Pretty Cool!

Team MCP

Check out Launch 48 blog

Over the last 24 hours we have been amazingly busy developing (the logo will be here soon). Three other teams have also been developing new businesses, to find out more about MCP and the three other teams, what this whole adventure is about, check out the Launch48 Website.

Saturday 7 February 2009

Pictures from mycharitypie Towers

Here are some photos of the lovely mycharitypies team!

Designers designing

Developers developing

Marketers Marketing

More photos soon.....
Team MCP

Mycharitypie is on it's way...

Who ate all the pies? After 18 hours at mycharitypie towers we are definitly in need of some good food to keep going.

Progress has started well, twitter is live @mycharitypie and this is the first blog post of our new blog.

Logo and photos coming soon. 36 hours to go to launch!

Ta ta
Team Mycharitypie